What we’ve learned from moving.

If you know Timmy and I at all, you know that we have moved multiple times over the past 4 years. We’ve lived in 3 (about to be 4) different states now. Crazy, right? I know. We have grown tired of moving. And if I see one more cardboard box or roll of packing tape, I might scream.

But the truth is, when we got married, we knew we wanted to move around and experience life in different places. We were those people who never wanted to buy a house. We wanted the freedom of moving each year if we wanted to, without home-ownership strings attached. We wanted to see various places and we wanted to explore a lot of dreams. This was all before we had our daughter {who was a pleasant surprise of course}, and since having her and now expecting our son, we’ve definitely changed our tune a bit!

We are obviously still pursuing our own career dreams and personal goals, but the whole “let’s live a nomadic life” thing……it’s worn us out and we’re donezo.

Atlanta is our new home as of June 1st, and we’re really excited. I was born and raised in Savannah, GA, so Georgia has some deep roots inside of me. We truly have loved our time in Nashville. There are MANY people we are sad to leave. And truth be told, we probably would have been just fine to settle down in Nashville if we wanted to. But we want to buy our first home this coming year, be near some more family, plant Timmy’s creative business downtown, and there are some other things in the mix as well. We’ve spent so much time in Atlanta, that it just makes sense and fits our long term needs better than any other place we were debating between.

If any of you live in or around the area, please let’s connect!


What we learned after multiple moves during our first 5 years of marriage

  1. “Wherever you go, there you are.”
    This saying always struck me, and I think it always will. I love it. It’s so profound and obvious, but easy to forget when you start dreaming new dreams, going new places, and seeing new things. Who you really are comes right along with you on every adventure and into every new job/life stage/ relationship, etc. To be constantly growing as a person and yet accepting of who God created you to be is SO key to true stability and health, especially when moving to new cities and entering your new roles. I found that loving who I really am has to come before I love someone else or someplace else I’m trying to call “home.”
  2. There’s no one place that will be a magically perfect fit.
    Much like the common misconception that “there’s a perfect soulmate for everyone….” Nope! We’ve now lived in 3 different states since the start of our marriage. And we’ve loved SO many things about each of them. I think it’s very important to understand that there’s no place you can go that’s perfect. Whatever “issues” you experience in/with your current place…the truth is, there will always be issues to overcome no matter where you go.
    It was SUPER easy for us to build up high expectations in our ,minds of how amazing each new city we lived in was going to be.

    And expectations are so tricky–they don’t leave any room for reality! And the reality is, amazing places also come with their down sides too. And that’s more than okay. We know that now after experiencing so many different homes.

  3. Having community is everything.
    While we were dating and when we got married in South Florida, we lived near both sides of our family. Obviously it was the best case scenario, to have everyone in the same state together. We also had a tight circle of friends that we still keep in touch with to this day, who we consider lifelong family.
    Then in Dallas, we lived near my husband’s side of the family. It was awesome because they are wonderful people, each of whom I love very dearly. {Of course I missed my family while there and felt pretty homesick off and on for those 2 years.} But again, we made some precious friends and found an incredible church family. {Shoreline Dallas- shoutout- y’all are the real deal.}
    Finally in Nashville– we had the least number of our family near, {although thankfully my mom and brother lived near!} and while it’s hard not to have everyone, we once again made friends who also became family.Wherever you go….whether your blood relatives live near you or not…you gotta have some solid friends in your life! It makes it possible to seriously live anywhere, because building up a strong supportive community becomes family too, and it’s such a rich and rewarding part of life. Friendships and community. Can’t live anywhere without that.
  4. Don’t wait until you are where you want to be to do what you want to do. 
    This can be such a trap to fall into. The whole “Oh, once I move out of this apartment I can do…” or “Once I lose 10 pounds I can….” or “Once we live in ____ we can…” We ourselves have fallen into these thoughts so many times! My husband Timmy has ALWAYS dreamt of being a freelance animator and motionographer. For the first 2-3 years we were married he either worked for churches or for studios doing what he loved. But he always felt like he was meant to start his own business and work for himself doing his art. For so many reasons, Nashville was where we felt like starting his creative business was the best idea. And it has been GREAT for his work and for us, and I think it was an absolutely necessary step in our journey. It was such a creative hub there, the city is full of artists. But we were wrong to think that we couldn’t have begun those dreams anywhere we were or anywhere we would have ended up.  I honestly think, after moving so many times, that you really have to start doing what you know you’re supposed to be doing RIGHT where you are, right when you are. Then go from there of course 🙂
  5. Give things time, and don’t stop putting forth the effort.
    It’s really unlikely that when you move somewhere new you’ll find your best friends within a few months. Heck. It might even take over a year to feel like you’ve found some friends. You might meet a ton of people who are cool and who you like. But that inner circle that is so necessary? It might take much longer than you hoped. And that’s okay. Keep pursuing people. Keep going to that event, meet-up, church service, life group. Don’t give up quickly, and don’t be fast to write people off. Some of the best friendships I’ve made didn’t happen until well over a year into my new city. And they were often with unexpected people! It’s the best. Don’t like your new job right away like you thought? Stick it out, give it some time, and try to find what you can learn through the rough patches.

    When I try and rush through seasons of my life that are uncomfortable or lonely, I often can miss what I was supposed to be learning during that time. How much could I have gleaned from the rough patches, had I been willing to wade through the fear and embrace the weirdness?? Probably a lot 😉

I feel like I’m missing so many points….But as to not be long-winded {too late?} I’ll stop here. I’m a big over-analyzer, so I feel like I’ve thought of multiple other things we’ve learned haha! But those are the main ones I think. And it’s definitely a process. We still stumble upon areas that we have fallen short all the time, and we just add them to the list of things to remember for the future. But I’m so grateful for every place we’ve been. And I wouldn’t change the road we’ve been down for anything!

Here’s to our next adventure. Our last time packing boxes up and HOPEFULLY to buying our first home as soon as we can 🙂



8 thoughts on “What we’ve learned from moving.

  1. SO excited for you guys!!!!! I have a bunch of friends in Atlanta (both mission organizations I went with are stationed there) so if you ever need a friend or a church let me know and I can reach out to them! : )

  2. I love this! I just want to remember it and share it with everyone. We’ve made the mistake of “waiting until…” I’m glad God is teaching you this wisdom now and giving you the ability to share it. Love you, Ansley girl!

    1. Love you! It’s so much easier said than done and definitely easy to forget in the moment. But thankful for when God does help me see it 😉

  3. How did you get to be so very wise, Ansley?! I haven’t moved much at all but you are so right – when you start a new adventures whether it’s a move or a new class or whatever – you have to be patient and give it time AND put in the effort. It takes a friend to make a friend. And if I can’t get you all back here in Savannah, I’m thrilled you’re in Atlanta. 4 hours is nothing. Love you, Sheri

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