Style Feature: My favorite beach trip dress

So it’s a Monday, and so far it’s the Monday-est Monday that ever Monday-ed. Quinn was awake throughout the night with an upset stomach (saddest thing ever) so I was awake a lot of the night, which I’m happy to do for her, but this morning I am dragging y”all. And when it wasn’t her calling for me, it was the insane rib pain and back pain that this baby boy is giving me. He moves around so hard that I honestly feel like my entire rib cage is bruised! He feels humongous and like he has officially run out of room haha. I’m short of breath most of the time and can NEVER find a comfortable position to lay in. Me laying in bed looks a lot like beached whale status.

It also doesn’t help this Monday feeling that we JUST got back from a glorious beach trip this weekend and I’m already missing lounging on the beach and the constant ice cream treats. #preggolife

So to add some excitement to this Monday I thought I’d share about my favorite beach trip dress from our St. Simon’s beach trip this past weekend!!  I brought this striped dress from Pink Blush, which is my obsession as all of you know. I wore it on our last day on the island– we went walking around the village to look in all the little shops and then we went down to the beach to take pictures, play in the little tide pools, and collect shells. It was so fun!

When your toddler decides she’s going to chase dad with her magical wand haha

The dress is SO comfy, bouncy, and super cute. It comes in maternity style AND non-maternity style, and I actually am wearing the non-maternity version and it works perfectly with the bump. I can’t wait to wear it into the fall even, because the 3/4 length sleeves are the perfect length for transition wardrobe. It’s meant to be very flowy and forgiving, so it’s great for right after baby comes too.

Perfect for the super windy beach walk too.

I absolutely love working with Pink Blush as a style ambassador– their clothing is constantly surpassing my expectations. One thing I always promise as a blogger and influencer is that I will never partner with anyone or share anything that I don’t 100% believe in and love.

I love picking her up but this about broke my pregnant back HA


They are giving 25% off all dresses today on their site! So this dress, which is already marked down, is only $25.50 with the discount code “GETDRESSEDUP”. Go check them out! 



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