shouts from the trenches and other comedies

This week was a bear. Here are some ridiculous things I caught myself saying or thinking at many points…

  • Wait, it’s only 1pm? It isn’t bedtime? oh.

  • “Quinn, stop pulling your dress up over your butt in public please”
  • “Quinn, don’t eat that sewer mud!” (sidenote, eats grass and dirt but not real food? bye)
  • Quinn: lays herself in a dirty rain puddle and says “mommy! Swimming!”
    Me:…not even mad because it entertained us for 20 minutes.
  • I think there’s a problem with our mail forwarding service because NO BILLS ARE COMING!??
  • While heating my coffee in the microwave (for the 3rd time)…”how many dishes can I clean in 30 seconds”
  • I wonder how many days in a row I can wear this same pair of jeans?
  • Why are there random dominoes in the laundry baskets?
  • Where are the laundry baskets?
  • Where is the actual laundry?
  • Can I pretend it stays lost so  I don’t have to fold it….?
  • “Sorry, sir, she’s just really into babies right now” –as Quinn squeals and runs at another human baby.
  • “Noooo, no, baby, that’s dead.”- as Quinn becomes enchanted by the vermin on the roadside on our walk.
  • How many episodes of How to Get Away with Murder do I have to catch up on??????? Oh, ALL of them!? Challenge accepted.
  • Is there a correlation between my sanity and my ingestion of coffee and carbs?
  • *googles ‘what can I make with chicken breasts for 7 days straight”*
  • Someone this week: “What do you usually do during your free time when you’re not in school?”
    Me: “I think I…I like to…I have a brain I promise, it’s just that I can’t make words today.”

Just a friendly reminder that we all have those weeks 😉 Be present anyways, and just laugh about it! 🙂


And this kinda crap happens waaaaay too often:

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