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When you’re pregnant with the second (or third or fourth) kid, the amount of stuff you need to prepare for him or her is *usually* much less since you’ve already done it all the first time around. Well, luckily I’ve got some amazing friends who are letting us borrow a ton of things and who have handed down a bunch of clothes for our second baby because 1) he’s a boy and 2) we didn’t decide we wanted one more baby until after we’d passed a lot of our baby stuff to others already haha! So we are going very minimal with this one, and using a lot of what we had before along with the clothes and items our sweet friends have passed to us. (Thanks guys, you’re the real MVPs honestly.)

However, we did get a few small things that could be special for our boy, because he still needs some things of his very own right!? So I went on the hunt for a special “coming home” outfit for him, a “little brother” outfit that he could wear, and a few other things that I’ll share later on. But today I just wanted to do a quick share of two of the items we got for him from a shop called Gigi and Max that I found through Etsy and Instagram! Krisin is the CEO and they handmake the most precious freaking outfits. Yep. 100% HANDMADE clothing. That aint something you can find corporately usually, and when I can support a small business owner who puts her heart into this stuff, I do it when I’m able.

Here are the two little outfits we chose from Gigi and Max for baby brother. They are the softest things. These would also make amazing baby shower gifts, all the shop’s items are one of a kind (they are the original gangsters if you will of this look). I sure hope this kiddo isn’t so big when he’s born that he can’t squeeze into these! ha!

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  1. So precious Ansley. I do not doubt that he will be the most fly (hope I used that right!) baby boy around. Plus he’ll be a Georgia peach. Look out world indeed! Love you!

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