Second Baby Registery

Okay, this is just a short post to tell you something that we did for the second baby and wanted to share. Because I know someone out there might not know this! If you are pregnant, and if this isn’t your first baby, STILL get online (or go in store but who has time to do that??) and register for items and things that you know you need or will need for the baby! Most people just use what they’ve already got for their second kiddos, which we will as well! But there are bound to be things that you still need like diapers, wipes, a car seat (if what you’ve got expired or something), clothes, baby toiletries and towels, etc.  I know we still needed a good chunk of things since our kids are 3 years apart and a lot of the things we had were used to the point of unraveling!

TARGET YALL. Target baby registry. They offer you 15% off everything left on your registry at the 60 days left mark! We didn’t want or have a baby shower/party or anything with this one. But we still registered, got our 15% off coupons in or emails, and ordered what we put on there. Guys, it saved us literally $150. We registered for some of the most basic stuff, but it all adds up! 15% all that junk you’re going to buy anyways?! YES.

So you get a 15% off code to use on one online order, AND a 15% coupon to use on one in-store order! You can even wait to use it after the baby is born (a certain amount of time I think but can’t remember).

Not your first babe? Not having a shower or anything? Doesn’t matter! Register anyways. Just do it, it is so worth it.

Thank you, Target. You are a beacon of light and a pillar of this country. Forever and ever, amen.

And if you’re EXTRA lucky, like we are apparently, your order will come to you with a random free microwave that you didn’t order whatsoever, but that somehow got stuck in your box ?

Guess I need to call them about that now….someone is sitting at home like “where’s my microwave? why are there breastfeeding and nursing pads in this box I got?” LOL.



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