Saturday Style

This past Saturday we had a full day of activities and fun because it was my mom’s birthday, my grandmother was in town, AND we officially reached 37 weeks and can have this baby anytime he’s ready! I’m not getting my hopes up though, because according to my doctor, he is looking real comfortable in there and not trying to make anything happen soon ? total eye roll, but whatever, I want to give all the time he needs! (Silently screaming inside lol.) 

Obviously sharing the budget friendly preggo outfit-of-the-day with ya.

Favorite tank top: Pink Blush: this one is a maternity pick, they have them in non-maternity too. I love the ruffle and lace detail on this sweet top!! Obviously it’s my favorite place for all things preggo-trendy. 😉

(The sandals are from Target, duh. Shorts and jeans are Motherhood Maternity. Yeah, I started off in jeans like a dummy and then realized IT’S HOT AS HADES and changed into shorts like I should’ve worn to begin with.)

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