Postpartum Meal Prepping

The LAST thing I am going to want to do when the new baby arrives is cook. I’ve never loved cooking, unless it’s baking desserts or making pastries. And even at that, I’m not at all creative in the kitchen. I have always just followed the easy and simple recipes and called it a day. My favorite places to find simple and quick recipes are usually The Recipe Rebel, The Pioneer Woman, or the good ole All Recipes. Fancy, huh? Yeah. Be impressed.

I rounded up the links to the 5 simple, freezer-friendly meals that I am starting to put together today. I’m using the big gallon freezer bags to freeze them in 2 separate portions so that we can maybe make these last a good 2 weeks if we need to. Between these meals, some easy salads we’ll have on hand, and the food my family will probably bring by, we should be good for when we are trying to adjust to life with two kids.

  1. Chicken Spaghetti Bake
  2. Turkey Chili: yes. I know it’s summer and hot, but I don’t care. I love chili, it’s hearty and easy, and my husband likes to add beer to it. So, it makes the cut. 
  3. Enchilada Bake: I used lean ground turkey meat and added some veggies to this to make it a bit more healthy. Haha. I try.
  4. Chicken Pot Pie: Because I’m southern and this is a comfort food big time. Again, you can add veggies into this so easily! 
  5. Baked Ziti: I will probably quickly sautee up some spinach or serve with a salad so that I can offset the carbs I’m inhaling.

That’s it. I mainly wanted to make it all, have it frozen, and make sure it was hearty and filling for us all: my husband is a big meat eater, I love carbs, and sneaking veggies into all these makes me feel better too haha!

Meal prep for the win.

Brought to you by the world’s okay-est cook, yours truly.

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