Postpartum Recovery Basket

Since this is my second time preparing for the extremely glamorous task of recovering after childbirth, I thought I’d put together a cute basket for myself ahead of time with some of the things I will need to get me through it. (The basket itself is cute, not the items inside for clarification.) Really, there’s nothing cute about the hot-wreck that is recovering from childbirth haha. It ain’t pretty, but it’s so much easier when you’ve got these items on hand!

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Saturday Style

This past Saturday we had a full day of activities and fun because it was my mom’s birthday, my grandmother was in town, AND we officially reached 37 weeks and can have this baby anytime he’s ready! I’m not getting my hopes up though, because according to my doctor, he is looking real comfortable in there and not trying to make anything happen soon ? total eye roll, but whatever, I want to give all the time he needs! (Silently screaming inside lol.)  Continue reading

Postpartum Meal Prepping

The LAST thing I am going to want to do when the new baby arrives is cook. I’ve never loved cooking, unless it’s baking desserts or making pastries. And even at that, I’m not at all creative in the kitchen. I have always just followed the easy and simple recipes and called it a day. My favorite places to find simple and quick recipes are usually The Recipe Rebel, The Pioneer Woman, or the good ole All Recipes. Fancy, huh? Yeah. Be impressed. Continue reading

making some new habits.

Going through pregnancy with a toddler in tow feels a lot like you’re drowning. And someone hands you a small drunk person. Don’t get me wrong! Toddlers are fun as crap, hilarious, and so sweet. At least mine is. But she can also be super moody and irrational, she’s learning how to use her free will, and she moves way faster than I can keep up with a lot of days. Ya know, the normal toddler-hood stuff! And adding a pregnancy on top of it is surely a challenge no matter who you are. A HUGE blessing, but a challenge.

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Maternity Style: Date Night

We’ve addressed my lack of red accessories…I’m still patriotic inside, I promise. I just seem to gravitate towards greys, navies, and white lately. I think navy is so classy and summertime just begs for it, the month of July especially! Luckily there’s a ton of beautiful navy options this season, and here’s one of the best to me!

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Maternity Style: Kimono Love

Happy Friday! How was everyone’s week?? Honestly this week was a harder one, and I’m wiped. But I’m 34 weeks now and we had our 34 week ultrasound and checkup! Which I’ll be posting an update on later, but the baby boy is measuring just over 5 pounds already! I have a feeling he’s going to be a big guy…Lord help me haha. Continue reading

Second Baby Registery

Okay, this is just a short post to tell you something that we did for the second baby and wanted to share. Because I know someone out there might not know this!  Continue reading

Shop Highlight: Gigi & Max

When you’re pregnant with the second (or third or fourth) kid, the amount of stuff you need to prepare for him or her is *usually* much less since you’ve already done it all the first time around. Continue reading

Feeding Tube Update: Part II

Okay, so I’m FINALLY coming up for some air after the craziness of the past 2 weeks. All packed into those were the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital trip, moving from Nash–> Atlanta, unpacking, getting settled, lining up all our new Georgia stuff, AND then some nasty respiratory bug attacking Quinn…. shew. Maybe I still need some air ?

But I have been wanting to write out how our appointment went with the multi-disciplinary feeding team up in Cincinnati. So here goes!

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What we’ve learned from moving.

If you know Timmy and I at all, you know that we have moved multiple times over the past 4 years. We’ve lived in 3 (about to be 4) different states now. Crazy, right? I know. We have grown tired of moving. And if I see one more cardboard box or roll of packing tape, I might scream.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: $50 and Under!

I don’t know if any of you are like us, but we don’t put a ton of money into gifts on holidays like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. Continue reading

Feeding Tube Update: Part I

This is my freaking cute kid, my little Quinn girl! Here’s an update on how things are going with her feeding therapy and her G-tube {who she calls “Buddy”}.

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happy Thursday.

During this past month, these words resonated in my heart day in and day out! So I thought I would whip up a pretty image and share it. Such a simple but powerful reminder, that I have control over the things I’m feeding and watering in my own life.

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Miscarriage. Hope.

This story is deeply personal, but I think that in light of all the negativity and hatred going around, it needs to be told.

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“Let us die to make men free.”

I know I’m not the only one faced with the anxiety of raising kids in this messed up world.

I know I cannot be the only one who has too hastily posted something or entered a conversation and made a comment I should not have made because of my own emotions.

I KNOW for sure that I’m not the only one who is disappointed with the level of anger and hate I see circulating social media about the current election, the social issues, and the differing political beliefs.

I hope I’m not the only one at least.

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shouts from the trenches and other comedies

This week was a bear. Here are some ridiculous things I caught myself saying or thinking at many points…

  • Wait, it’s only 1pm? It isn’t bedtime? oh.

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Returning to School as a Mama

Okay, well obviously I SUCK at this “consistent” blog thing haha! I’m annoyed with myself for neglecting it, but I returned to school this semester for the first time in 4 years!!!! It has been so exciting and it has been stretching me in the best ways. These past few months have been mostly figuring out the balance between school, studying, family, etc, and I didn’t even have a full time schedule this time around. Yikes.

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How to travel with an infant without wanting to jump out of the plane window

Yeah. I said it. Traveling with an infant can be freaking stressful, especially when said infant has discovered a) sitting still is for the birds b) everything is shiny and must become her personal toys and c) that apparently gravity is hilarious. “HOW DOES GRAVITY WORK!? LOOK HOW FUNNY IT IS WHEN I THROW EVERYTHING IN THE AIR AND IT LANDS ON THE GROUND!” Oh yeah, Quinn is just really loving life. Which is awesome. But how do you channel that on a plane ride??

we survived!
we survived! Timmy is happy, promise…

I think we actually did a really good job for our very first time on a plane last week! We flew to Florida to visit my dad and family for a few days for the first time since Quinn was born. Luckily, the flight from Nashville to Florida is only about 2.5 hours at most, so it’s not tooooo horrid a plane ride.

For all you mamas who have yet to brave traveling, here are some of the tricks we found helpful with our 1 year old! OBVIOUSLY not all of these are going to work for everyone, but here’s what we did.

image1Top 10 Tips for Flying with a Baby:

1. Try and schedule baby’s nap time to happen on the flight. We know Quinn falls asleep really easily when she’s being held or worn in her wrap, so we purposefully scheduled our flights for when she is usually going to sleep so that I could be holding her tightly on the plane. She ended up sleeping the entire flight home! WIN. She didn’t sleep on the way there because our flight was delayed by 2 hours….so she napped while we waited. womp womp. Oh well.

2. Wear your baby in a wrap or Bjorn or something of the like. This will help the baby to feel safe in a new environment AND it gives you the freedom to use your hands. Which is really necessary when you’re carrying any bags or whatever else in the airport and on the plane. Also to eat snacks duh.

we use this kind because it doesn't get really hot, not a ton of fabric to mess with, and it has easy access to Quinn's tube for me.
we use this kind because it doesn’t get really hot, not a ton of fabric to mess with, and it has easy access to Quinn’s tube for me.

3. Feed that baby during take off and landing! I’ve heard that for babies who are still nursing, that letting them nurse or drink their bottle during take off and landing really helps them not to freak the heck out when all that drama is going on with the pressure in the cabin and the loud noise of the plane. Obviously Quinn isn’t drinking anything at the moment, but we did let her have a few sips of her water (which she likes to play with too haha) and we let her use her paci so she was content.

4. For older babies who are snacking on solids, bring some snacks! Quinn is doing really well taking bites of soft foods now. So we gave her a soft chewy Nutri-grain bar and part of a banana throughout the flight to Florida that kept her entertained.

5. Ipad. Ipad. Ipad. Look down on screen time for kiddos all you want to, but when you’re traveling, the iPad comes in handy. We do not make a habit out of letting her play with it or watch it, so when she does, she LOVES it. She loves to swipe it with her fingers, and there are tons of cute little toddler aged games out now that are both educational and colorful. She also is IN LOVE with the Curious George movie on Netflix. So, when she was tired of her snacks and tired of playing the games, we put that movie on and she was so chill.

6. Small toys. Bringing a million different things on the plane isn’t ideal, seeing as how you’re already carrying a handful between the baby and your own bag. So, we tried to pack as light as possible. We brought 2 or 3 of Quinn’s favorite small toys to play with, and even brought some extra special, typically “off limits” toys like car keys *gasp* and mom’s jewlery *double gasp* that she went wild over.

7. Change the baby right before boarding if possible. Giving your baby a dry diaper right before boarding was great for us because it helped us avoid that teeny tiny smelly airplane bathroom that nobody wants to find themselves in. But at this point, as a parent, you can’t ever predict if and when your kid is going to have a huge blowout or accident haha! So this could still not end up working, but for us, it was good because it was one less thing we had to take care of on the plane.

8. Line up baby gear to borrow from friends or family at your destination! This was HUGE for us! If you are traveling to a place where you know some people, ask them if they would mind helping you borrow a car seat, stroller, and pack and play for while you’re in town. My dad and his awesome fiance borrowed a car seat and pack and play for us to use. That way we didn’t have to pack that junk and travel with it! It made all the difference in the world. Highly suggest doing that.

9. Pack light, carry light. As I mentioned before, it’s hard not to bring a million things for fear that you might need them. But, it’s really hard to try and carry so many things and attend to a baby. As a family of 3, we fit all of our stuff into one suitcase that we checked. Then, Timmy carried a backpack with all of our carry-on stuff inside it, and I carried our diaper bag with some more things inside. We had all we needed and we made it work. Light, easy, still effective.

10. Remain calm no matter what. I can’t say it enough, stay calm and collected on the flight because your kid will pick up on that, and so will others. I’ve seen some kids on planes who are in a mood, are over tired, or are just hating the whole flying thing, and the parents are yelling at them or getting upset, and it just doesn’t help anything. Quinn had moments where she got frustrated and would fuss or wiggle about, and we just did our best to quietly talk to her and offer her something else to do. I have never seen any situation on a plane get better when the parent loses their mind on a kid.

And that’s all I got!

Sorry that Happily has been so slow lately! I’ve been working on quite a lot of music stuff lately, so it’s been taking a bit of a back seat for now. But hopefully it will be more regular soon 🙂

Share with me your tips and tricks for flying with kids of all ages!!