Miscarriage. Hope.

This story is deeply personal, but I think that in light of all the negativity and hatred going around, it needs to be told.

Today I was sitting in the doctor’s office alone waiting for an ultrasound to confirm my miscarriage. Yes, miscarriage. We lost a pregnancy, and it super sucks; but that’s not the point of this story. Timmy was watching Quinn at home so I could go, being the best dad ever to her. I was sitting there feeling emotional, overwhelmed, and heartbroken. I was honestly having a hard time holding back my tears because miscarriage is just a hard experience to go through.

But the 3 women across the room from me noticed that I was hurting.

These women did not know me from Adam. They were a different race than me. I’d heard them talking a little and our walks of life and our beliefs were different as well. But guess what. These 3 precious women got up, hugged me, embraced me, and CRIED WITH ME. Yep. These women who knew nothing about me cared about me in my moment of need.

They embraced my pain and said “We are so sorry, we are here, you don’t have to cry alone.” Which made me cry even more because it healed something in me and seriously touched my heart. I knew the Lord had them there in that room to hold my hand and to remind me that even in this sickening political climate, our differences do not matter. Being united together does.

That kind of moment is what life is all about.
Stepping out of our bubbles and truly loving the people around us.
We are all human. We are all flawed, hurting, and deserving of kindness.
Please realize that the way you treat others and speak to/about others DOES matter. It matters WAY more than your vote does. Your character, how you live, and how you impact others is long lasting.

The hatred and ignorance I’ve witnessed this week has blown me away. But those 3 women restored my faith in humanity.

Be those women. I know I’m going to strive harder to be.

It’s not any leader who is going to make this nation come crumbling down. It’s going to crumble if we refuse to unite and stand together as human beings who need one another. Yes, of course, our votes matter in the scheme of our freedom and our rights in this country. Of course they matter! And regardless of who anyone voted for, that was YOUR right to do so, and I commend you. Grieve if you need time to grive (kindly and respectfully). Celebrate (kindly and respectfully) if you want to celebrate. But the table has been set, for better or worse, and we have to choose how to move forward. If we turn on each other and build up hatred and anger, we are tearing the bricks of our country down with our very own hands by our own daily interactions with others. We all have a choice as to how we conduct ourselves. I choose grace, love, understanding, and kindness…and not because all of those things come naturally to me,  because they don’t come naturally to anyone! But because that’s who Jesus is. That’s who we have to be in this world.

Thanks for reading. If you want a better America, start with yourself and go out of your way to love other people regardless of who they are. Those women were Jesus to me today, and I want be that to someone else every day.

the locket one of my best friends gave to me... to be worn to remember the little one I'll never hold. <3
the locket one of my best friends gave to me… to be worn to remember the little one I’ll never hold. <3

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  1. Ansley, you are amazing and wise beyond your years. This has inspired me to be a better and kinder person to everyone. Every day. We never know the pain people right next to us are dealing with – something I will strive to remember. I love you sweetie and am so very sorry you and Tim have had to deal with this.

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