Let them be messy

Getting messy doesn’t come easy to me. Letting her get down in the dirt, the mud, and bug infested nature…definitely doesn’t come easy to me and my type A personality.

But she lights up when she gets free outside. She thrives in a wet playground sandbox with no shoes on. She bolts like lightning to giant brown puddles to splash in, and wants to get every inch of herself into anything hands-on and muddy that she can explore. So she goes for it, and I grin and whisper “please God don’t let this cesspool contain ringworm or diseases or west nile”

Why is it so hard for me to just let her make a huge mess and get all up in it?? She’s a kid. She’s meant to make mud pies and to learn how not only to make a mess, but how to clean it up when she’s done too. It takes so much patience and relinquishing of my instinct to control to let things just be crazy sometimes. I don’t know why my personality has always wanted to strive for being all tidy and put together. But something I have LOVED about becoming a mom is how the Lord has used it to break down my need to control and have everything be “put together.” I love that through my daughter and her wild personality, I am learning how to let life be messy and unbridled.

Her childhood is meant for times like this! So for any other mamas who struggle with letting go and letting it just happen sometimes…I so get you. I’m challenging myself to jump in with her, and challenging you guys to do the same. The memories will last longer than the mess. Here’s to letting them get messy. 

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