“Let us die to make men free.”

I know I’m not the only one faced with the anxiety of raising kids in this messed up world.

I know I cannot be the only one who has too hastily posted something or entered a conversation and made a comment I should not have made because of my own emotions.

I KNOW for sure that I’m not the only one who is disappointed with the level of anger and hate I see circulating social media about the current election, the social issues, and the differing political beliefs.

I hope I’m not the only one at least.

Because from where I sit, it’s getting easier and easier to be bogged down by all of it, to forget that all of this is temporary. That end the end, this is all smoke and mirrors, distracting from what REALLY matters.

I have had respectful, loving, actual face to face conversations with good friends of mine over the course of the past few months. And while our beliefs may not always be the same as far as political stances go, it’s funny how a conversation had under the circumstances I just listed can turn out to be really enlightening and healthy. And hey…maybe even convicting.

Without a doubt, I can say the biggest mind-nugget (just made that up, is it gross? idk. I think I like it) that I have carried away with me from every single interaction has been this…..

Don’t let the political garbage going on in this country blind you from your PURPOSE in this world. To love Christ and to love others well. To extend much grace because you’ve been given much grace.

A line from this old hymn has been in my heart lately…

“As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free.”

be made HOLY. be made FREE.

As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free.

You cannot be free yourself when you hold hate and prejudice in your heart.

You cannot be free indeed when you let fear and anxiety rule your decisions, your convictions, and your heart.

You cannot be free when you place more importance on an election than on being the hands and feet of Jesus in your own community and in your own family.

You cannot help others find freedom when you do not bother to SEE them where they are…and not just see them with your eyes, but see their hearts and walked their roads with them.

You cannot lead others to the freedom they are meant to have in Christ when you have forgotten. Forgotten that for ALL Christ died. Not just for those of your own political belief, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or financial class.

I cannot be free indeed when I shout my pain louder than I shout His praise.

I cannot be free indeed when I am complaining more than I am extending great generosity and serving others.

I cannot help my brother or sister break their chains when I am too busy judging them, making assumptions about them, or ignoring them.

We cannot continue to believe that the outcome of any election will EVER stop God from doing as He wants, from winning hearts, and from being the God He has always been. No president, king, or earthly ruler can stand in His way. Your vote cannot stand in God’s way. He is bigger than any of this. He has already here, He knows what we need. That is not a mere “christian-ese” hope.
That is a promise.

I have repeated all of these things to myself over and over.
To overcome the pressures.
To shut out the enemy.
To silence the fear.
To deny the world’s warped morality.
To dispel the lies of Satan that the Lord cannot redeem or WIN.

Yes, there is crap happening. But crap has been happening since….FOREVER now. It’s just more amplified and manipulated by the media and social than it ever was!  But that’s the point–the battlefield is NOT on this earth; it is in the unseen, it is in the spiritual realms and is being waged over souls and hearts and minds.

How quickly I tend to forget this and start trying to grapple with ideas, people, & worldly things, instead of “taking captive every thought” and seriously resting in Jesus and choosing wisdom instead of my knee-jerk reaction for self-preservation.


You tend to a garden that way, yes? Plucking out the weeds constantly, watering it daily, making sure it doesn’t get burnt up (or in my case, you forget to water your mom’s beloved flowers while she’s on vacation and they all WITHER AND DIE).
Well the point is, you’re meant to tend to a garden religiously to make darn sure that what grows there is beautiful and healthy.
So how can we not tend to our hearts, spirits, minds in the same way??
Not letting them become hardened, arrogant, closed-off, tuned-out from the Spirit of God.

How can I pray and ask God for answers without cracking my Bible open and doing the work of seeking and listening? How can I cry out “God why are you absent, are you not responding??” When I have so many other loud voices from the world echoing in my head that He is drowned out in the chaos?

He is faithful. He forgives. Thankful for that, because how blind I can be…
…anyone else? anyone?

I don’t know so many things. And all of these things have been heavily lain on my heart by people in my life, and by time spent with Jesus. But I do know this for sure…. I can be better than I have been. I can do better. I can love better. I can stop living in a little bubble so much. We all can be better. We need to be.

For as He died to make US holy. So let US die to make men free.

In all you do today. In the words you say. In the thoughts you let take root. In the relationships you pour into and let pour back into you….be free and bring freedom through Jesus.

Be free indeed.

I love you all. Thank you so much for reading this.
As always, please comment or email me. I love hearing from you!


5 thoughts on ““Let us die to make men free.”

  1. Ansley, you know how much I honor and respect you, your thoughts and your family. My only problem is that, as a gardener for God, the terrorists are the weeds that are overtaking the beautiful works of God’s great people, and as such must be plucked from the ground, to allow the goodness to proliferate.

  2. Good words to live by my dear friend! The spiritual perspective should always be most important, especially so when the physical world seems to dominate our mind and actions. I’m living my life day by day… Completely surrendered to a sovereign God. I trust solely on Him with my future. That alone makes it all the easier to wake up each day. Knowing He is right there with me… I will not have fear. He will never leave or forsake us. These dark times may even get darker but we will endure.

    I’ve got my own soapbox to stand on with my preach, lol… Pretty difficult these days being a LEO wife. ❤️

    1. Oh girl. I love you! I also can’t imagine what you and your family go through being a family who has served this country. Eternally grateful! And always praying for you guys. ALSO I REALLY NEED A RENEE HUG!!

  3. Very well said Ansley. And something I certainly needed to hear – I tend to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and just sad by all the news and “noise” out there. This is an encouraging post that I will do my best to reflect on during those times.
    Love you so much sweetie and I’m so proud of you! xoxo Sheri

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