Kute’n’Koo Diaperbag & Discount

Since having two kiddos, I have realized even more that HEY, I need both of my hands at all times to survive haha.

 I love this Timi and Leslie bag that my Auntie Sheri gave me, and that bag will stick around forever! (Mine was brown not black)

However, in this season, I have been carrying a backpack so that I can have my arms and hands free. Backpacks don’t sound glamorous, and it’s actually been hard to nail down one that I love….and I have tried THREE of them.

I was starting to think I’d just have to settle on some less-than-perfect backpack (a tragedy obviously) when I found Kute’n’Koo. So we chatted and decided I would try out their adorable backpack, and I am SO glad I did!

{Thank you for sending this to me Kute’n’Koo, because it is by far the best and cutest backpack diaper bag option I’ve found!}

It’s light and not manly or bulky. It’s got 4 mesh pockets on the inside so I can actually see all the crap I’m toting around. Ya know, the usual suspects like diapers and wipes, but also some colorful characters like random Hot Wheels and tiny barbie dolls and McDonalds Happy Meal trinkets.

I usually find random junk that Quinn has stuffed into the bag while we are out and about so who really knows what could be in there. It’s a fun game… I’m like Mary Poppins’ and her carpet bag, but without the British accent.

There’s a changing pad POCKET on the back (or that’s what I use it for, you could put other things there if you’re feeling adventurous).

It’s simple and easy. Cute but functional (my criteria for basically anything)

Disclaimer: Baby not included. (someone please laugh at my horrible dad jokes.)

Ya need it. Click here to shop!

Use my special discount code “ANSLEYLO” for 15% your bag today until November 30th!

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