The Tattoo.

Am I the only one who has always had a giant fear of needles!? I’m a cry baby. Needles are used to be my boggart. Now my boggart is running out of coffee without realizing it, waking up the next morning INNOCENT and TIRED, and having to live my day without the sweet nectar of the gods because I can’t get to the store.
I digress. (Harry Potter nerd life…)

Tattoos have always intrigued me, and obviously, I married a man who has quite a few! It’s hot. He’s hot with tattoos. I like him.

But I never really wanted a tattoo on myself because of the whole needles-are-terrifying thing and because I could never come up with something that meant enough to me to permanently ink it onto my body. You don’t put a bumper sticker on an Bugatti, ya know what I’m sayin!?


When Quinn was still on the ventilator that was breathing for her, she was heavily sedated. In fact, she was on Methadone, that serious medication that they give the babies who are born addicted to drugs because their moms were on drugs while pregnant. Yeah, that. (She came home still withdrawing by the way.)

Well, when they finally started to wean her from the sedation and she began slowly waking up again, her little lungs began trying to breathe on their own for the first time. I think I cried ALL the tears watching that. I MELTED into a puddle of emotion and whipped out my camera [obviously] to capture what it looked like on her monitor. The tiny little pink line in the middle row on the monitor indicated that her lungs were starting to breathe!!

The pink line is on top of the green one on in the middle. Go little lungs, go.

The symbolism of that little pink line shakes me. It is her first tiny breath on her very own after so many weeks of struggling to live…I knew it was the PERFECT tattoo for us to get. It reminds me every day that new life is always possible and that not only is Quinn a warrior but we all are. 

So Timmy and I got these tattoos together, and I daresay I’m now addicted and may need a few more tattoos very soon šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “The Tattoo.

  1. Hehehehehe tattoos are nothing compared to childbirth šŸ˜‰ For me, the ink is all about the story. I want people to ask about it, because I want to share a slice of life, and I want to share it as beautifully and creatively as possible. And you’re right to point out that ink usually memorializes an incredibly significant moment in the bearer’s life. Rock on with your beautiful self.

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