Hospital Bag Mama Edition: Part 2

This is short and sweet, but here are the non-clothing items I brought to the hospital that I couldn’t have done without! (Note: none of this is sponsored and I have not been given or paid anything to talk about these brands and products. This is solely written from my honest opinion.)

1. Earth Mama Angel Baby products. Their bottom balm, which I’ve already shared, has seriously helped my healing so much. Can’t recommend it enough. The nipple butter is just as amazing! And you don’t have to wipe it off before feeding the baby, because it’s all natural and organic. It’s gentle and super helpful in these first days and weeks. 

2. Labor Pain Relief. I wanted to labor and deliver naturally, so I brought some small things to help. Some lavender essential oil, an EO rollerball for stress relief made by Essentially Hood, our diffuser, and a rollerball for back-labor and pain relief around the body. Basq makes this awesome cooling gel that you could also use in any area to bring some relief. 

3. Basic makeup, toiletries, and a hair dryer. I brought just the basics to clean myself up, mostly because we had planned on doing a Fresh 48 session in the hospital. That didn’t end up happening. But I  suggest bringing your own shower stuff too because what they give you doesn’t feel or smell all that great. Just bring something gentle and not perfumey though. 

4. Some good socks! My sister in law gave these to me and I love them. 

5. A nursing cover. My favorite is by Milk Snob because it’s so versatile in use. My friend Anna gave one to me and I brought it to the hospital also. I’m usually not shy at all about whipping a boob out to feed my baby in public or in front of people…but not ALL the time and not in front of everyone…like my brother and dad? No. My baby is also extremely curious and the cover helps him not be so distracted while nursing. (Our nursing journey has been hard so far but more on that later.)

5. A birth plan. My advice: keep it short and simple. There are so many things you cannot predict or control about labor and delivery, and having a multiple-page plan is not only impractical, but it sets you up for a lot of disappointment. Also your hospital staff usually does not have time to read a huge lengthy document. We chose to include the most important/non-negotiable things to us. We kept ours at 1 page, and we held it all loosely. As you fight for what’s important to you, just keep an open mind about it, and give yourself the freedom and grace to change your mind when you get into the process. πŸ™‚ It can be really hard to have to give up some of the things you wanted for you birth if medical need necessitates it, but just remember that “healthy mom, healthy baby” comes above all else. 

6. A little something-something for the nurses/doctors at the hospital. So when I was in labor, my contractions were so all over the place and varying in length that I didn’t really know if it was time to go to the hospital yet. So I baked cookies while I did squats in the kitchen haha! Brought all the cookies with us and it made for some VERY sweet, helpful, and extra-attentive nurses πŸ˜‰ They loved them and I love our nurses so much that I wanted them to feel appreciated! I’m glad I did it.

7. Chargers!! We forgot our phone charger this time! Such NOOBS. 
And that’s pretty much it! I hope this was helpful! 
Xo. Ansley 

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