Hospital Bag: Mama Edition Part 1

Well this post is a bit late, but as I’m sitting in the NICU watching Owen sleep, I wanted to finally share the outfits I packed for myself to wear while in the hospital. I couldn’t have found more beautiful or comfortable pieces for delivery, for directly postpartum, and for nursing!

First up: Kindred Bravely. My favorite nursing bras and tanks.

I chose to bring the Simply Sublime bra, the Marvella bra, and the French Terry tank top.

The Sublime is perfect because it’s stretchy and accommodates for the way your body changes with milk coming in!

The Marvella is a DREAM. It looks and feels like a real non-nursing bra, it wears beautifully under any top, and the deep plunge in the front makes it so easy to wear under anything you want. It’s amazing.

This French Terry Tank top has been the top I’ve worn all week. It’s been a sleep and lounge top for me, but I’d also be great with throwing it on with some jeans for visitors coming by or going out in public! It’s very flattering and yet forgiving for a postpartum pooch (oh the weird flappy pooch how we love you….)

{Thank you so much Kindred Bravely for sending me these gorgeous items and allowing me to share them with everyone today.}

Second up: Baby Be Mine Maternity.

I cannot rave about this labor and delivery gown enough. It’s VERY forgiving in size: the drawstring makes it so that you can adjust however you feel comfortable. It’s got beautiful wrapping in the front, and snaps all the way down the back for easy access to nurses and doctors should you need it. (Perfect for when I got an epidural!) Not perfect for C-section mamas, because I was told snaps aren’t allowed in the OR, so sorry lovely C-mamas.

I paired mine with my Pink Blush robe, but quickly ditched the robe when labor got REAL and I was a she-warrior, curse word screaming demon, pushing out a baby and wanted just the gown on. hahaha

The Nursing Nightgown is another item I packed in my bag and I’m so glad I did. Baby Be Mine makes these as well, and they are buttery soft, a great length, and the cross front is beautiful, and makes nursing or pumping super easy. I wore this pretty grey one directly after Owen was born since the delivery gown got a little yucky 😉

This image is emotional for me, because this was taken after Owen was taken away from me and brought to the NICU. His nurse snapped this photo and had it sent to me on the L&D floor while I waited on news about him.

Thirdly: I brought these floral pajama pants from Pink Blush.

Super light and flowy, the drawstring makes them perfect for pregnancy, postpartum, and after too.

And lastly, my “going home” outfit.

(Which I never wore because we didn’t technically go home with him, so I’ve just been wearing this and these other outfits around the hospital pretty much haha).

A pair of stretchy maternity jeans (because I still looked 7 months pregnant) and this incredible pullover lightweight hoodie by Latched Mama.

So that’s what I wore in the hospital and have continued to wear as we have been going back and forth!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by and in collaboration with Kindred Bravely and Baby Be Mine. But I will NEVER partner with someone I don’t 100% believe in and love, so all opinions are my true feelings. I love these brands and I would bring them to your attention regardless of partnership anyways. 🙂


Ansley ❤️

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