Hospital Bag: Baby Edition

I am finally posting the things we ended up packing in the baby’s hospital bag! The bag was open and up against a wall for like 2 weeks and we just kept adding or subtracting stuff when we realized we forgot something haha. But now it’s finally closed and ready to go, (and since he’s due in 4 days I guess it’s high time haha). So I’m briefly going to list what we decided is most necessary to take along!

This Weekender Duffle Bag is EVERYTHING. It’s got tons of pockets inside, a zipper pocket on the outside and on the inside, and tons of room. Best Target find ever, grab one!

1. Boppy pillow. This is not even a question. SO essential for support while feeding and holding, because those arms get tired fast. I couldn’t imagine newborn life without it.

2. The Snuggle Me Infant Sleeper. Okay, this is what I’m MOST excited about bringing. It’s a product I found recently that blew me away. An infant co-sleeper and specially designed pillow! It’s unique because the center is built specifically to re-create the feeling baby had in the womb. (It’s also made here in the USA which I deeply appreciate.) The Snuggle Me is multi-functional, but because of how it’s shaped it’s mostly used for co-sleeping, lounging, feeding, and acid reflux support. I’m really excited to be using one this time around, especially because it keeps baby bundled tightly and I don’t have to worry about him burrowing into the fabric and not being able to breathe. I have seen other people use the Dockatot, but I loved that this one was organic, less bulky, and of course specially designed to keep baby from rolling inside there and getting smothered (I mean that’s kinda the most important part ha).

3. A going home outfit. We splurged and got him a special one that I’ve shared previously from Gigi and Max.

4. Three onesies/jammies with feet. I’ve heard hospitals can get chilly and those tiny feet get cold. So we packed 4 simple pajama things that he will be comfy in. Nothing fancy because #spitup and #poop.

5. Scratch mittens. They are tiny, and all things tiny are cute right?

6. Swaddle blankets. I am not a fan of the hospital blankets and hats that they give you, they feel scratchy to me. So we are bringing our own swaddles: this pineapple one and this muslin one. We are also in love with these swaddle cocoons from Fawn and Sage. Ours is coming with us too, it’s just so cozy and sweet, and the matching hat kills me.

7. A receiving blanket. This is a special blanket we chose for him that Quinn will actually be “gifting” to him when she comes to meet him. It has his name on it, it will be really special to have for his first pictures, and it’s the softest thing in existence.

8. Baby hats. To keep his big ole baby head warm 🙂 Yes I know for sure that his head is very big already. Yes I’m concerned about my body at this point. Hahaha.

9. A paci or two. I’m debating whether or not to give him a paci before we have worked on and established a good nursing bond. But I’m bringing them just in case.

10. Vasoline/Petroleum jelly. This wasn’t one I even thought of until a friend with a baby boy told me to bring it for after his circumscision is done. Ugh…I’m already nervous and sad about that happening but alas, we’ve chosen that for him, and we’ll have this on hand to hopefully help healing.

Things we will not be bringing: The hospital provides these items so we aren’t carting them around: Diapers, butt cream, wipes, bottles, a breast pump, or any baby bath items (not doing a first bath until we get him home a bit). You can certainly bring these things if that makes you comfortable, but I’m all about free stuff (or using the stuff I’m already paying for anyways haha), so I’m just not bothering to drag more with me when I don’t have to!

Next up I’ll be sharing what is inside my own hospital bag! <3

thank you for reading as always.


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