happy Thursday.

During this past month, these words resonated in my heart day in and day out! So I thought I would whip up a pretty image and share it. Such a simple but powerful reminder, that I have control over the things I’m feeding and watering in my own life.

Am I pushing aside whispers of lies and insecurities and choosing to listen to what God says to me instead?

Am I choosing undivided quality time with my toddler instead of being distracted or doing random tasks around the house that can wait?

Am I speaking uplifting words of encouragement to my husband, or am I only voicing my complaints and criticism?

Am I setting aside even 10 minutes to be with God in my day? And actually listening to Him instead of just listing off my “wants and needs?”

All of these questions leave me convicted some days. It’s so easy to slip into the daily tasks and responsibilities of career, school, or motherhood, and forget to nurture the things (and the relationships/people!) that matter the most.

What we intentionally water is what will grow in our marriages, our children, our relationships, and ourselves.

And HOLY why am I surprised when I haven’t spent time in the Word and then  some super dumb stuff comes out of my mouth?!
I love the imagery of a garden being tended. The soil being churned. The protective fence being built around the garden. The fruit and flowers growing up from hard work and tender care. The pesky weeds of course spring up seemingly out of nowhere sometimes, but that’s exactly why the garden needs tending daily.  Weeds start off deceptively small, and if left unchecked, they will creep up and strangle every good and perfect thing! Pulling some of these weeds out is painful…but necessary. Roots of healthy and beautiful plants grow deeper and deeper, not because that’s just what they do, but because someone is choosing what that garden is to become.

The things we nurture will grow. Happy Thursday thoughts 🙂

10 thoughts on “happy Thursday.

  1. Love it! The imagery of a garden is right up my alley since I lurve to garden! Good reminder as the past couple days – so struggling with my own private thoughts of what I’m failing at and what balls I’m dropping etc. Must get those pesky weeds from my mind.

    Thanks for a lovely post.

    1. ah thank you for sharing this! the thoughts and mind-life are my weak areas too. I’m so glad you read and replied, thank you!

  2. Ansley, thank you for sharing this. It resonates for me, especially right now. Thank you for reminding me to stay focused on the special relationships in my life. Hope to see you soon, Laura

  3. Love this Ansley and the visual image you painted too. I’ll remember this as I work in the yard this weekend. And as I try and keep the weeds out of my mind too.
    Love you sweetie. So glad you are Georgia bound!

    1. Thank you Sheri! As always, you encourage me by always commenting and caring about my words 🙂 Love you much, and want a girls’ weekend! How fun would that be ?

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