I’ve been working on this blog idea for the past few weeks, and while it all came together at lightning speed, these posts and all of the stories you’ll see posted already, have been written in my journals for quite some time. I just finally decided to pull the trigger and to share them here. I have put it off for so long.

look how happy we are!
look how happy we are!

Please read the About and My Story pages to hear how I got here, and to hear my hopes and prayers for this blog. I genuinely cannot wait to share motherhood, wife-hood [HUH], my new music [HUH! YEP], and all the randomness in between. Maybe even some feeding tube stuff for all you peeps who also walk that road!

I can’t wait to hear feedback, get to know all of you, and to just hear your life stories and experiences too!


Special thank you to:

Timmy Allen: my main squeeze. He set this junk up so beautifully and quickly! He taught me countless new things, encouraged me, inspired me…celebrated me. Ugh…a gem.

Ashton Bynum: She is an incredible designer from Dallas, Texas, and she is responsible for the beautiful logo up top! She has a blog with all of her gorgeous handmade creations, and you can contact her for inquiries here: ashtonbynum0@gmail.com

A handful of my friends who previewed this blog and gave me feedback! Y’all are my MVPS. You know.

Lindsey Grace Whiddon: an incredible person that I’m only beginning to scratch the surface of friendship with! She is an insane photographer based in Nashville. She did our family portraits and many other new projects that I can’t share quite yet 🙂


XOXO. Welcome. Hi.

Comment below and tell me about yourself and tell me what you would love to read!


6 thoughts on “HAPPY BLOG LAUNCH DAY!!!!

  1. Happy launch day to you! I can’t wait to read all about your life! I’m glad your happily rooted!

  2. Hey girly, yay! I am so proud and happy for you, can’t wait to see where this takes you! – pssss… While reading I hear your voice and makes me feel close to you all even though we are miles apart! xoxo

  3. This is a fabulous way to keep up with you and your’s! I loved watching you as a baby and have missed the mess out of you! Love ya!!

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