Father’s Day Gift Guide: $50 and Under!

I don’t know if any of you are like us, but we don’t put a ton of money into gifts on holidays like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. We’ve always chosen to go small as far as “presents” go, mostly because we’d rather spend the money doing a memorable activity together or going to a fun dinner or something like that instead of collecting stuff like ties Tim will never really wear or (as pretty as they are) flowers that are probably going to mock me and die after 2 days. But hey! To each their own!

But I will say, I do love a good thoughtful gift that is handmade or from a smaller, more unknown shop or artisan. So I’ve compiled a list of 10 great Father’s Day gift ideas that are $50 and under! These things look awesome, and they will make him feel loved and remembered on Father’s Day without breaking the budget.

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  1. West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit: $45
    I got Timmy a beer kit as a gift one Christmas  and he LOVED it. It was fun for him to do it himself and then get to enjoy it! Good for the guy who likes beer 🙂
  2. Amazon Echo Dot: $50
    The techie choice, so at the top of the price list. But Timmy said this Bluetooth speaker is cool, so? Ha.

    hi, I’m technology, people like me.
  3. Custom Wood Photo Calendar: $30
    Probably my favorite on the list. Artifact Uprising makes gorgeous prints and displays them so uniquely! These calendars are classic and meaningful.
  4. Future Gamer Onesie: $12
    Obviously one of the nerdy options, but so cute if you have a new baby or one on the way! My husband loves playing video games, and one of the things he can’t wait to do is introduce the kids to some 😉 This girl’s Etsy shop has all sorts of SUPER cute comic book stuff too!

    by WhatKatyMakes
  5. Monogram Slate Coasters: *ON SALE!* $28
    These are on sale right now plus free shipping from Nordstrom. I love these.
  6. Dad Coffee Mug: $15
    Another Etsy pick, so go ahead and order it so it can arrive on time. I love anything that has a meaningful date or year on it. This one is the black handle option.
  7. Whiskey Stones and Wooden Box Gift Set: $20
    We like whiskey. These are so useful, and we are also suckers for anything that comes in a wooden box like this haha. These stone ice cubes really are just great to have and reuse for drinks!
  8. “Life is better….” Handmade Signs: $45
    My other favorite item. These signs are hand-painted. The artisan, Amy, doesn’t use vinyl or stencils to do these whatsoever! So impressive, andbeautiful craftsmanship. She is taking orders for these Father’s Day signs and you can also email her at oakandpane@gmail.com to talk about what “Life is better” phrase you’d like on yours!
  9. ManCrates: Beef Jerky Ammo can: $50
    The entire Man Crates collection is hilarious and niche. SO many different options. It’s like a gift basket on crack. And it’s packaged in ammo cans or wooden crates, which I think makes it even more fun for the dude who’s into that. And I mean, who isn’t into all kinds of snacks and drinks??
  10. Leather Custom Coordinates Bracelet: $15
    This one is also an Etsy shop, and has all sorts of different options that can be customized. I love the idea of coordinates: you could do the coordinates of the state your child was born in and give it to dad! That sounds special to me. Or whatever comes to your mind as something meaningful: these are affordable, and there are keychain options for the guys who aren’t into bracelets.

I hope these ideas helped point you to the perfect gift or helped spark some ideas of your own!!

I’m always looking for other cute gift ideas, so share with me if you have any!



One thought on “Father’s Day Gift Guide: $50 and Under!

  1. I love all of these Ansley especially the snack and bracelet ones and will keep this link for Christmas gift ideas – guys are always SO hard to buy for.

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