Family Picture Day with Photographer Lindsey Grace

As Quinn’s first birthday approaches [I’m already getting emotional about it, so HUSH], my mind often wanders back to the day she was born and I get extremely overwhelmed with thankfulness that this year, we actually get to celebrate her birthday. For quite a while we fought to be able to keep her, and this 1st birthday for her is going to be SO special to us. Which is even more of a reason why I’m SO in love with these photos that Lindsey Whiddon took of our little family. They capture us all so beautifully, especially Quinn and her little personality. These photos are a marker to us, of her first year of life, and plus working with Lindsey is always a blast, and she is basically the sweetest person you’ll meet.

If you’re in Nashville, she’s your girl. She’s also from South Florida, so she’s that more awesome. She’s the kind of person who makes you instantly comfortable around her. She’s hilarious, and Quinn loves her to death. Quinn can be a big spitfire, so if she lets Lindsey hold her, then I know she’s a keeper! 😉 She is an epic photographer, but more than that, she’s just a really genuine and fantastic person.

Here are some of my favorite shots from her. Visit her on her website.



One thought on “Family Picture Day with Photographer Lindsey Grace

  1. oh ans this absolutely made my day. love you and timmy and quinny so very much and can’t wait to see you guys again! love you love you xxo.

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