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I have shared many products at many different price points on the blog before, and I’ll go ahead and say that this Lily Jade bag is one of the higher priced items I’ve shared. I love making sure my readers have a variety of products to compare especially for your own personal budget!

{This post is sponsored by Lily Jade, who partnered with me by giving me a diaper bag to review and share. ALL thoughts and opinions are 100% my own, and I wouldn’t be sharing if it wasn’t a fit. But it’s perfect and I’m thrilled to collaborate with them!}

Today I am going to show you why this bag, if you’re interested in it, is worth the investment. Because this bag will honestly last me years and years, and its convertible style allows it to be the ONE bag I need for any day. No switching bags. PRAISE.

3 of my favorite things about this bag:

1.) It converts from a backpack carry to a shoulder carry effortlessly, without compromising style and comfort. Dude. I didn’t know one bag could be carried both ways. I love backpacks for diaper bags because when I have my kids with me (which is almost always) I need BOTH of my hands at all times ha! But there are moments, and times when I’m out alone, that I would rather swing my bag over my shoulder. This is amazing for that.

So you can carry it both ways, and you can physically remove the backpack straps if you want, OR they can be tied like a messenger bag as well. What up.

2.) The organizer insert is removable, washable, and sturdy! Holy cow. Another feature I didn’t even know existed for a bag. It’s organizer-heaven, and I feel like I keep finding pockets every other day haha! You can take the insert out and just use the bag with its deep and roomy inside, or put the insert in and soak up all its diaper-bag glory. I keep mine organized with snacks, Owen’s bottle and formula container, diapers and wipes, Quinn’s Gtube emergency bag, a change of clothes for each of the kids just in case, and my wallet fits in the front pocket. It’s CRAZY how roomy this bag is but yet I can always find exactly what I’m looking for. 3.) The bag is soft gorgeous leather and is stylish and big enough to work for a weekend away. I have shared other bags on this blog before, and while I did like them, I never felt like I could use the bag for anything at all. I was always switching bags around if I needed to go somewhere alone, if I wanted to meet my friends, or if my husband and I had a date night or two alone. With my Lily Jade diaper bag I can honestly say I have not had to use a different bag ONCE in the month that I’ve had it. Timmy and I even went on a small weekend trip for our anniversary and I took the bag along and it was PERFECT as a small-trip tote! Here’s are some of our pictures from Asheville and the Biltmore Estate! If you’re looking for a bag that seriously and truly does it ALL, this is your bag. Questions? Comments? Let me know.

Thank you so much Lily Jade! Xo. Ansley

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