Feeding Tube Update: Part II

Okay, so I’m FINALLY coming up for some air after the craziness of the past 2 weeks. All packed into those were the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital trip, moving from Nash–> Atlanta, unpacking, getting settled, lining up all our new Georgia stuff, AND then some nasty respiratory bug attacking Quinn…. shew. Maybe I still need some air ?

But I have been wanting to write out how our appointment went with the multi-disciplinary feeding team up in Cincinnati. So here goes!

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Feeding Tube Update: Part I

This is my freaking cute kid, my little Quinn girl! Here’s an update on how things are going with her feeding therapy and her G-tube {who she calls “Buddy”}.

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A day with a Tubie

Our decision to have a Gastronomy Tube placed in Quinn was not an easy one. She had already been through anesthesia quite a few times, so I was terrified for yet another surgery or milestone. I was praying so hard that she would surprise us and just eat and drink before needing that tube. But she wasn’t ready, and we knew it was the best way to get her home and healthy. So we switched from the feeding tube in her nose to the more long-term one in her stomach. Continue reading

Dear ED…

Remuda Ranch Treatment for Eating Disorders. Truly an amazing place.

This is a break up letter to you. You selfish, manipulative, lying, hateful disease. This is not fun to tell or to admit, but you were the dark part of me. It breaks my heart to look back at the brokenness I lived in. The power that I gave you in my life makes me sick. And the power you have in other people’s lives makes me sick as well.  Continue reading