Because Crack Is Illegal.

THIS BOOK. It’s called Because Crack is Illegal, so how could you NOT read it. It’s hilarious, full of rich truth, and it’s a 30 day devo. I don’t even typically like devotion books, but this one is so great. What more could you need? You can buy it here, and I promise you will not regret it. For both new moms and seasoned moms….it’s for you.

I also love the lady who wrote it. Meet Raema Mauriello. I met her at Shoreline Dallas church while I was living in Texas. She’s an author (duh I just said that), a speaker, a mom, a wife, and a blogger! Just…the coolest. And not only that, but she’s been kind enough to share what my journey as a mom has been like so far on her blog! She shares many stories from mothers of all different walks of life. It’s so encouraging to read. Raema has really done something that I only wish I could do, and that is bring women of all types together for a common purpose of building each other up and being silly and genuine while doing it. Because as far as silly goes, I’m QUIRKY AS CRAP and it takes some special people to walk through daily life with me. So thanks y’all, for indulging me 😉

If you’re looking for something fantastic to read that keeps your faith growing, Raema’s book is my recommendation right now. Also, show her some love on Facebook by liking her page!

Oh. And if you want to read some of my thoughts on life this first year… here it is 🙂


The pregnancy announcement

Here’s how we announced that we were pregnant with our first baby! Shot with a go pro. That we rigged up to a bar stool and like a lamp, a dog, a book, and Jesus. #StillFun