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Welcome to Happily Rooted: a place where all moms can belong, find encouragement, and be inspired to do all things happily. I have had the concept of being “happily rooted” in my brain for a long time. It came from the idea that we as women, and especially as mothers, can live with unwavering joy and confidence by being planted and rooted deeply in Christ despite the imperfections and surprises of life.

Through my motherhood journey, I’ve learned that nothing is predictable. If I allow myself to be carried off by my ever-changing circumstances, I will never be able to stand firm in my role or teach my kids to do so. Being “rooted” to me doesn’t mean staying in one physical place. It refers to the solid ground I’ve chosen to stand on, in truth and in joy…no matter what is going on around me, with my little family by my side.

I write about everything from being a mama and wife to sharing fun projects and product reviews. I require myself to be honest and real– I will never just show the highlight reel of my life.

I truly hope you enjoy your time here, and thank you for stopping by.



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  1. Ansley, you make my heart extremely warm and I just love you to pieces! Happy to see you are blogging away and sharing that great big heart of yours with others. Nash is in my near future and I look forward to lots of hugs and squeals – I’ll holler! xox

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