Maternity Style: Kimono Love

Happy Friday! How was everyone’s week?? Honestly this week was a harder one, and I’m wiped. But I’m 34 weeks now and we had our 34 week ultrasound and checkup! Which I’ll be posting an update on later, but the baby boy is measuring just over 5 pounds already! I have a feeling he’s going to be a big guy…Lord help me haha. Continue reading

Second Baby Registery

Okay, this is just a short post to tell you something that we did for the second baby and wanted to share. Because I know someone out there might not know this!  Continue reading

Shop Highlight: Gigi & Max

When you’re pregnant with the second (or third or fourth) kid, the amount of stuff you need to prepare for him or her is *usually* much less since you’ve already done it all the first time around. Continue reading

Feeding Tube Update: Part II

Okay, so I’m FINALLY coming up for some air after the craziness of the past 2 weeks. All packed into those were the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital trip, moving from Nash–> Atlanta, unpacking, getting settled, lining up all our new Georgia stuff, AND then some nasty respiratory bug attacking Quinn…. shew. Maybe I still need some air ?

But I have been wanting to write out how our appointment went with the multi-disciplinary feeding team up in Cincinnati. So here goes!

  Continue reading