Because Crack Is Illegal.

THIS BOOK. It’s called Because Crack is Illegal, so how could you NOT read it. It’s hilarious, full of rich truth, and it’s a 30 day devo. I don’t even typically like devotion books, but this one is so great. What more could you need? You can buy it here, and I promise you will not regret it. For both new moms and seasoned moms….it’s for you.

I also love the lady who wrote it. Meet Raema Mauriello. I met her at Shoreline Dallas church while I was living in Texas. She’s an author (duh I just said that), a speaker, a mom, a wife, and a blogger! Just…the coolest. And not only that, but she’s been kind enough to share what my journey as a mom has been like so far on her blog! She shares many stories from mothers of all different walks of life. It’s so encouraging to read. Raema has really done something that I only wish I could do, and that is bring women of all types together for a common purpose of building each other up and being silly and genuine while doing it. Because as far as silly goes, I’m QUIRKY AS CRAP and it takes some special people to walk through daily life with me. So thanks y’all, for indulging me 😉

If you’re looking for something fantastic to read that keeps your faith growing, Raema’s book is my recommendation right now. Also, show her some love on Facebook by liking her page!

Oh. And if you want to read some of my thoughts on life this first year… here it is 🙂


A day with a Tubie

Our decision to have a Gastronomy Tube placed in Quinn was not an easy one. She had already been through anesthesia quite a few times, so I was terrified for yet another surgery or milestone. I was praying so hard that she would surprise us and just eat and drink before needing that tube. But she wasn’t ready, and we knew it was the best way to get her home and healthy. So we switched from the feeding tube in her nose to the more long-term one in her stomach. Continue reading

Hindsight is 20/20

Many have asked about this, so I’m sharing, and this is simply our story, and what we wish we could do if went back. I have TONS of love and respect in my heart for everyone who was involved in Quinn’s birth, ESPECIALLY our midwife who delivered us. We also are grateful for everyone who was involved in her hospital care afterwards. I hope you know this comes from only a place of wanting to share and just give a perspective from an experience most people don’t hear about.

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I’ve been working on this blog idea for the past few weeks, and while it all came together at lightning speed, these posts and all of the stories you’ll see posted already, have been written in my journals for quite some time. I just finally decided to pull the trigger and to share them here. I have put it off for so long.

look how happy we are!
look how happy we are!

Please read the About and My Story pages to hear how I got here, and to hear my hopes and prayers for this blog. I genuinely cannot wait to share motherhood, wife-hood [HUH], my new music [HUH! YEP], and all the randomness in between. Maybe even some feeding tube stuff for all you peeps who also walk that road!

I can’t wait to hear feedback, get to know all of you, and to just hear your life stories and experiences too!


Special thank you to:

Timmy Allen: my main squeeze. He set this junk up so beautifully and quickly! He taught me countless new things, encouraged me, inspired me…celebrated me. Ugh…a gem.

Ashton Bynum: She is an incredible designer from Dallas, Texas, and she is responsible for the beautiful logo up top! She has a blog with all of her gorgeous handmade creations, and you can contact her for inquiries here:

A handful of my friends who previewed this blog and gave me feedback! Y’all are my MVPS. You know.

Lindsey Grace Whiddon: an incredible person that I’m only beginning to scratch the surface of friendship with! She is an insane photographer based in Nashville. She did our family portraits and many other new projects that I can’t share quite yet 🙂


XOXO. Welcome. Hi.

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