The pregnancy announcement

Here’s how we announced that we were pregnant with our first baby! Shot with a go pro. That we rigged up to a bar stool and like a lamp, a dog, a book, and Jesus. #StillFun

The Tattoo.

Am I the only one who has always had a giant fear of needles!? I’m a cry baby. Needles are used to be my boggart. Now my boggart is running out of coffee without realizing it, waking up the next morning INNOCENT and TIRED, and having to live my day without the sweet nectar of the gods because I can’t get to the store.
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Dear ED…

Remuda Ranch Treatment for Eating Disorders. Truly an amazing place.

This is a break up letter to you. You selfish, manipulative, lying, hateful disease. This is not fun to tell or to admit, but you were the dark part of me. It breaks my heart to look back at the brokenness I lived in. The power that I gave you in my life makes me sick. And the power you have in other people’s lives makes me sick as well.  Continue reading

The wedding story.

My first conversation with Tim went something like this:

Me: “I’m Ansley, what’s your name?”
Him: “Tim Allen.”
Me: “STOP, no it isn’t!”
Him: “Yes it is. My name is Tim Allen.”
Me (to self): “Tool man…? Ok…?”

And then we fell in love.

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